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We serve not only fresh sea food of Setouchi Island, but also the best meat and fresh vegetables.
We have a variety of beer, wine and Sake that go great with fish, cheese and meat.
Relax and enjoy your meal in our comfortable private rooms.

Sanuki Dining Highly recommended restaurants in Kagawa Prefecture
“Setouchi Umi no mon Totoichi” is a restaurant certified as “Sanuki Dining” which is a group of highly recommended restaurants for tourists. We serve a variety of dishes using ingredients produced in Kagawa. We always send information to our customers about Sanuki Dining.
We are working on new menu, fair and workshops to increase awareness of Sanuki Dining.
Enjoy your meal with your friends and family in our Sanuki Dining restaurants.

4-18 Kajiya-machi Takamatsu-shi Kagawa-ken
Phone number
Opening hours
5pm-11:30pm (11pm last order)
Regular day off
Sundays and National holidays
Average budget
4000 yen
Credit card accepted
VISA / MasterCard / American Express / JCB
Parking area
No parking area
Number of seats
On the first floor:29
On the second floor: 36
Today’s special
●Today’s special three dishes 980yen
●Any alcohol drink with three side dishes and Sashimi 2,000yen
●Today’s three dishes recommended by chef 1,800yen
●Today’s five dishes recommended by chef 2,800yen
●Today’s special assorted Sashimi (3kinds of fish) 1,000yen
●Today’s special assorted Sashimi (5kinds of fish) 1,500yen
●Today’s special assorted Sashimi (7kinds of fish) 2,100yen
●Seasonal sashimi plate for one person 750yen~
●Seasonal broiled fish (3kinds of fish) 1,200yen
●Fresh Raw Octopus with Wasabi 690yen
●Japanese sour salad (vinegared vegitables and octopus) 690yen
●Marinated deep-fried fish
(mixed with japanese sweet peppery sauce) 490yen
●Fresh raw fish and egg served with spicy Korean sauce 1,100yen 
●Bony parts of fish boiled in Japanese soy sauce 880yen
●Steamed fishbone served with vegitables 880yen
●Boiled seasonal fish from today’s special 780yen~
●Grilled seasonal fish from today’s special 780yen~
●Tempura(Japanese deepfried) Totoichi selection. 980yen
●Japanese Deepfried blowfish Tempura 880yen
●Fried blowfish 880yen ●Deepfried whole congar eel 780yen
●Japanese Deepfried Octopus(Tempura) 740yen ●Fried octopus 740yen
●Japanese fried noodles with seafood 740yen
Grilled fish
●Japanese style rolled omlette 650yen ●Grilled tarbon shell 750yen
●Grilled squid with Japanese soy sauce 780yen
●Grilled seasonal fish with Miso(Japanese soybean paste) 790yen~
●Grilled seasonal fish with salt 790yen~
Japanese deepfried seafood
●Deepfried Japanese yam and cheese 750yen
●Japanese deepfried shrimp and vegitables from the inland sea of Japan 750yen
●Japanese deepfried Tofu with seasonal vegitables 640yen
●Japanese style Bagna Cauda salad served with seasonal vegitables in Kagawa 780yen
●Salad with boiled and dried baby sardines and seasonal vegitables 680yen
●Caesar salad 680yen ●Simple green salad 580yen
●There types of recommended cheese 880yen
●Cream cheese served with Japanese soy sauce 680yen
●Deepfried cheese served with tomato sauce 800yen
[Original olive beef from Kagawa]
●Japanese style beefsteak served with fresh vegitables from Kagawa 1,280yen
●Ishiyaki Beefsteak (reasted on a hot stone) with fresh vegitables 1,280yen
●Seared beef served with fresh vegitables 1,280yen

[Original olive poke from Kagawa]
●Salad with parboiled thin sliced poke and fresh vegitables 890yen
●Simple poke steak 950yen
●Sliced poke boiled with radish in Japanese special sauce 850yen

[Original olive chicken from Kagawa]
●Healthy Japanese style chicken steak 950yen
●Fried chicken wrapped in lettuce served with spicy sauce 900yen
●Korean-Style Steak Tartare, Seasoned Raw Chicken 880yen

[Original pullet(hen bird) from Kagawa]
●Roast chicken with black pepper 880yen
●Fried sliced-chicken 740yen
●Kamameshi (Japanese rice pilaf) 980yen
●Chazuke(Japanese green tea rice) 680yen ●Assorted Sushi 1,200yen
●Congar eel Sushi 780yen ●Boiled rice mixed with raw egg 480yen
●Japanese thin wheat noodles 680yen
 ※Additional Japanese soup stock is + 50 yen
Course meal
●Sampler(Chef’s choice) [a seven course meal] 3,000yen
(Appetizer/Sashimi(raw fish)/meat/salad/fish/fried food/rice)
●Setouchi [a eight course meal] 4,000yen
(Appetizer/Sashimi(rawfish)/meat/salad/fish/fried food/rice/dessert)
●Totoichi [a eight course meal] 5,000yen
(Appetizer/Sashimi(raw fish)/vegitable dish/meat/fish/salad/rice/dessert)
●Sanuki[a nine course meal] 6,000yen
(Special appetizer/Sashimi(raw fish)/ fish/meat/ vegitable dish /salad/steamed food/Sushi/dessert)
●All you can drink(1500 yen for 2 hours) 1,500yen
“All you can drink” available only for course meal
●Japanese rice wine ●Shochu ●Beer ●Wisky ●Wisky with soda ●Fruit wine ●Wine ●Cocktail ●Sour ●Soft drink

※All except for "Course menu" is transcription excluding tax.

店舗外観・店内の様子 360°ビュー

You can see the inside of the store by clicking the white arrow in the image


【For customers coming from train stations】
15mins walk from JR Takamatsu station / 10 mins walk from Kawaramachi station (Kotoden Kotohira Line, Shido Line)

Contact Setouchi Umi no mon Totoichi 087-811-0301